Beat Writer’s Block With Morgan Page’s Quick Tips

Veteran producer Morgan Page offers other creatives over 100 pieces of free advice on his website, Morgan Page Quick Tips. He’s recently teamed up with digital storage company OWC to create a physical card set of these Quick Tips, available with the purchase of OWC products. These limited-edition cards are handy to have on deck to keep the siren song of social media at bay, and help you focus on the organizational tasks at hand. By setting routines, preparing your workspace, and streamlining your workflow, Morgan Page and OWC make it easier for you to jump into the fun part of your work—creating!

About the card set, Page told Magnetic Mag that “a lot of these center around workflow, but it’s also more holistic and some are more philosophical ways of looking at the process. All the tips came from notes I wrote to myself in 20 years of making music. Techniques that worked to spark and sustain the creative process. We chose 20 from a master list of around 800 tips. The hardest part was figuring out how to visualize the tips, as some can be more abstract, but eventually, the illustrator and I settled on a more simplified, geometric style that really felt actionable.

If you’d like to peruse Page’s advice online, there’s lots to choose from—Page offers tips on how to create a healthy sleep routine and travel light around the world (especially useful for DJs frequently on the road), how to optimize the hours in the day (something I find myself needing help with), or how to make sure you’re getting your royalties as an artist. Morgan Page Quick Tips is a fantastic free resource for both aspiring and established producers, and his collaboration with OWC highlights the key components of maximizing your creativity.

Learn more about Morgan Page OWC Quick Tips.

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