Essentials: “DRIP (Mielo Reimagination)” – Crywolf

Some artists have a talent for reworking established music into something that still feels authentic to their own sound and art while also honoring the original piece. This is what Mielo’s rework of Crywolf’s “DRIP” achieves. Notes, melodies and lyrics may be the same, but Mielo’s reimagining takes the gritty rawness of the original and lends it a kind of lightness, making it accessible to a new genre of listener. 

What emerges from Mielo’s reworking is a cohesive, collected sound. Where Crywolf used breaks in the flow to evoke a certain emotional response, Mielo’s approach to the track is much more fluid, moving the listener along in way where they feel like they are on one journey rather than stopping at multiple ports over time. 

In addition to fluidity, Mielo’s version feels more airy than the original. When producing a cover, it seems easier—or at least more common—to slow things down and make them heavier. But it’s actually much more difficult to inject a certain levity into art. 

While the novelty of the original may be missing to some extent, this gives way to increased cohesion and levity in Mielo’s new version of “DRIP,” out now on Spotify. Give it a listen and see how you think it comes to the Crywolf original! 

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