Premiere: “Deepika” – Kevin A

The dreamy, sexy croon of Kevin A is a perfect match for a humid summer evening; as evidenced on “Deepika,” the Canadian songwriter experiments with flittering guitar plucks that dot the hazy beat like fireflies in the summer night sky. Merging his Indian and Trinidadian heritage with inspiration from R&B greats across the decades, Kevin A claims that “the more I represent myself through my music, the stronger the message becomes and the stronger the music then becomes.

“Deepika,” a Hindi feminine name that means “light,” seems to be an ode to a summer love that’s blossoming into something more. Originally used in a promotional video for a luxury brand in 2017, Kevin A developed “Deepika” over time, adding vocals, synths, and the aforementioned guitar to create a more balanced production. Kevin A tells us that “in some ways, the song has come to represent how music has ‘made me move’ and grow throughout these years, with the song itself tracking that progress of movement along the way.” 

Listen to “Deepika,” and follow Kevin A on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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