Essentials: Songs About Dreams About Her EP – Harry Nathan

I’ve got island vibes from Australian singer-songwriter and DJ Harry Nathan. His debut EP, Songs About Dreams About Her, is a chill yet vibrant display of effortless skill. The five tracks are cohesive as an EP, but also have strength and idiosyncrasy individually. 

Songs About Dreams About Her kicks off with “Rooftops,” a feel-good beachy number punctuated with drums and soulful vocals. With 15 awards under its belt already, including Best Music Video at both the Sydney Short Film Festival and the New York Film Awards, “Rooftops” is a strong opening to a delightful EP. 

Opening with charming piano melodies, the two-minute runtime of “Fool for Your Love” traverses into striking horn accompaniments. Stylistically, it feels very in sync with “Rooftops,” but more pensive. 

“Sweet Vanilla Sky,” the third track, is a wistful song that has us dreaming about what could have been. Nostalgic and aspirational, it features high sweeping tones and guitar chords that emphasis the genuine emotion of the lyrics. 

“Timeless Dream” seems to step back from these more colorful tracks into a world slightly apart that wrestles with real disappointment. And yet, there is an ease and fluidity to the song that make it a great listen. 

The EP closes with newest single “Blue Eyed Girl,” which pulls the collection together in a delightful and cohesive manner. With a soft start that connects nicely with “Timeless Dream,” the track bursts into a mastered symphony of sound about two minutes in. Artful synths create an expansive feeling that harkens back to the earlier tracks on the EP. 

Beautifully orchestrated and thoughtfully executed, Nathan’s new EP has been playing on loop in my seaside house and I bet it would fit in well in yours too.

Songs About Dreams About Her is out now, just in time for summer. Stream the EP, and follow Harry Nathan on Spotify.

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