Celebrate Earth Day With Jaden Smith’s Playlist

Jaden Smith is something of a renaissance man. While he’s most widely known as a musician and actor, he’s also a passionate environmental activist. Not satisfied with simply discussing climate change through his large platform, Jaden started JUST Water, a sustainable bottled water company that uses 100% recycled materials in their packaging. In a 2018 interview with Buzzfeed, Jaden shared that “Starting JUST has really changed my entire life because of the ethos of what we’re doing. It’s kind of when I was 11 and I was learning about the Pacific patches and the plastics in the ocean. It’s completely changed my perspective on what I thought the world was before I learned about that.” He elaborated more on how JUST Water came about in a personal essay, sharing how his interest in the environment grew over time, and how his company built their foundation on ensuring the longevity of their sustainable production methods.

For Earth Day 2019, Jaden Smith curated a ten-track playlist on Apple Music. About the playlist, Jaden told the streaming service that “[w]hen people listen,” he wants them to “think of being outside in nature.”

Stream the playlist below, and follow Jaden Smith on Apple Music.

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