Pioneer Announces The DDJ-800 Performance Controller

Pioneer, manufacturer of the club-standard CDJs, has announced a new, more portable controller to accompany their wide range of gear. Meet the DDJ-800, the two-channel alternative to the DDJ-1000. A souped-up version of the elementary DDJ-400 controller, the DDJ-800 combines a CDJ-style layout into a compact controller that’s more lightweight than the DDJ-1000.

Some of the more appealing features include the controller’s microphone feedback reduction and internal mixer capabilities, meaning the DDJ-800 can be integrated into larger DJ setups. Like its predecessors, the DDJ-800 includes a rekordbox dj product key, valued at about $150.

Personally, if you’re planning to use this as both a controller and a mixer in a setup with CDJs or turntables, I feel it would make more sense to purchase the four-channel DDJ-1000 (which is only $300 more than the DDJ-800). However, the DDJ-800 seems like an excellent option for DJs on the go who are looking for an affordable and comparable option to a standard club setup.

The DDJ-800 retails at $899, and is available for pre-order worldwide.

Watch the promo video below, and browse the DDJ-800’s specifications on the Pioneer site.

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