Essentials: “Woke Up In The Hills” – Denny

Electronic pop trio Denny just released a new track, “Woke Up In The Hills.” When listening closely to this track, it is clear that Denny are clearly processing their success and taking the time to think about what steps to take next. After forming in 2015, Denny has slowly been making their presence known by releasing singles that capture the imagination. This year it’s no different with their newest single.

The track combines skilled production and nostalgia for ’80s synth, which leads to a song that truly stands out and stands up to repeated listens. The calm and measured intro works to the song’s advantage, as the snaps and slowed beat allows the track to amp up as the synth powers through. This, along with Alexander Rollins’ vocals, creates a morose yet energetic track that will be the perfect soundtrack to driving late at night, regardless of mood.

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