Graves Hits The Road In His “Less Permanent” Music Video

In a Behind the Music-style video, “Less Permanent” shows a glimpse into Graves‘ tour life. Taking footage from Graves’ recent Far From Here Tour with Hex Cougar, director Riley Kubota shows what happens once the lights fade and the crowds funnel out. The video primarily highlights scenes from their stops in Chicago, Austin, and DC. Concert footage and crowd shots are interspersed between the two producers catching flights, sound checking, and grabbing some BBQ. The lyrics to “Less Permanent” are overlaid on the video, further emphasizing the range of emotions that pairs with touring.

It’s an intriguing look at the duality of being on the road. For every electrifying moment on stage, there is a counterbalance of the ordinary—waiting for airplanes, searching for hotels, and seizing whatever small bit of downtime is available. Looking at the life of a touring musician is fun, but it’s important to showcase the realism of it too.

Check out the video, and stream Graves’ Far From Here EP on Spotify.

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