Flume Makes “Friends” With Reo Cragun

After a surprise mixtape Hi This Is Flume dropped last week, Flume capitalizes on his momentum with another experimental rendition that reflects his dynamic shift in sound. In a recent documentary, Australian-born producer Harley Streten explains that he doesn’t conform to the normal conventions of song structure and instrumentation.

As a prime example, “Friends” serves as an introduction to Flume’s unconventional approach to production. Sprinkled with subdued synths and off-kilter samples, the warping 808 drum kit weaves in and out of a definitive time signature to create syncopation.

Stemming from his recent Future Classic x Dropbox studio session, alternative R&B/hip-hop artist Reo Cragun complemented the track’s trippy ambiance with vocals that melded seamlessly. Compared to the verses, his silky voice has a tonal change from soft and airy to strong with conviction in the chorus. The lyrical content reflects this change with a direct aim at a toxic person that destroyed someone’s trust. With this strong of a start to 2019, Flume may very well have another studio album on the horizon.

Be sure to check out Hi This is Flume and his latest single below:


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