The Sounds Of International Women’s Day

The Saint Audio team highlights some of their favorite new female artists to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019. Read on, and listen to our Spotify sampler playlist for International Women’s Day!

Rachel Fannan

Rachel Fannan is fiercely independent, wildly prolific and enviously talented. She’s been in several bands such as Sleepy Sun, Black Mountain and Moon Duo and fronted her own bands Only You and The Bomb. In 2017 she recorded a breathtaking cover of The Beach Boy’s “Don’t Worry Baby” for the Instant Love project that is easily the best track on that collection. Her latest single, from her forthcoming album, the modern slow jam  “All In” is something of a departure from her usual style(s), which only demonstrates her versatility and constant evolution as an artist. – Gerry Lopez


Trap artist Lucii asserts that just being a female in a male-dominated field means inspiring other women to pursue their goals with more confidence. On the Infinity Tour, she’s found an environment of love and hopes the industry can move towards where gender doesn’t matter. Recalling how many people would tell her she’d never make it, she encourages passionate female artists to not let anyone stop them.  – Sophia Zengierski

Megan Thee Stallion

Following in her mom Holly-Wood‘s footsteps, Megan Thee Stallion is taking the reins of the rap world—all while balancing life as a full-time college student. The Houston-based emcee’s sex-positive, ultra-confident lyricism is matched by her Southern rap sensibilities and smooth flow. Inspired by Pimp C and his bawdy Tony Snow persona, Megan channeled “the more pimp-ish side of me” and dropped her Tina Snow EP last summer. Like her previous work, the Tina Snow EP showcases Megan’s talent, and solidifies her as a hip hop star in the making. – Staley Sharples

Cailee Rae

Known for her 2016 debut EP Overthinking and notable single “Anchor,” Cailee Rae notices that is rarely writing with women or getting mic checked by a woman. But she finds hope in seeing female artists support each other and build a safe creative space. Her advice to aspiring female artists is to be confident in your creative decisions and to trust the ideas in your heart. – Sophia Zengierski

Terror Jr.

Terror Jr might just be the best pop act that you haven’t heard of…yet. They are probably best known after rumors surfaced that Kylie Jenner was fronting the band in 2016. But don’t let that affect you at all, they are much more than a one-hit wonder type of group. Lead singer Lisa Vitale offers a rare combination of skill, sass, and power that has the ability to win over even the most stubborn of listeners. Terror Jr has just released their first full length album, Unfortunately, Terror Jr, and honestly you can pick any track and immediately become a fan. – Dave Giannini

Ana Tijoux

One of the greatest videos I’ve ever seen is of Ana Tijoux speaking and performing at an event in LA in 2014, with her baby attached to her in a wrap. She spoke about how she encountered feminism late in life which is interesting because she’s always been a revolutionary artist outspoken on issues of social justice, inequality and the rights of native peoples. Then she goes into her song “Antipatriarca,” an anthem that celebrates the multifaceted and usually under-appreciated roles women have played throughout history and calls for an end to patriarchal oppression. Start here, but dig into her full discography. – Gerry Lopez

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