An Interview With: Crimson Apple

Yes, Crimson Apple is made up of four sisters, but they’re SO much more than just a girl group. The alt-pop band hails from Hawaii, and received acclaim at the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards—the Hawaiian equivalent of the Grammys. Now, they’re based in LA and making music about their lives, their mental health, and everything else in between.

Get to know Faith, Carthi, Shelby, and Colby Benson before they’re stars—because they will be.

You’re all sisters AND you’re in a band together—what is that experience like? Is it ever difficult to be together that much, or do you enjoy it?

Being in a band with your sisters is definitely a unique experience. There is this bond we have that makes working together so easy, we’re usually all on the same page. We really count it as a blessing that all of us are able to pursue this one dream together as sisters, best friends, and band mates. Although we aren’t immune to the occasional sibling fight, we love how much time we spend together and how close we are. 

Your song “Can’t Get Out of Bed” focuses on mental health, as it describes what it’s like to live with depression. How did you realize you were struggling with depression, and what have you all found to be helpful in managing mental health as artists?

Colby: There was a point in my life where I was feeling really sick. I didn’t realize what I was going through, I just knew I wasn’t feeling well. I thought the problem was physical, so I went in to the doctors for a check up and discovered the root of the problem. Once I realized the issue, I was able to find little ways to take care of myself, and to prevent myself from slipping back into my depression. With the lifestyle we live as musicians, it’s very easy to lose sight of our mental health. There are periods of time where we’re working on music so much we rarely go outside, and there are periods where we’re touring or constantly on the go and staying up late for shows. It’s really easy to allow ourselves to get burned out, and sometimes it’s hard to stop and take a moment to keep our health in check. We’ve learned over time that it’s okay to take a moment to breathe when things become too overwhelming for us, which is something we used to really struggle with. 

Tell me more about what your creative process is like—how do your songs tend to take shape?

Our creative process is very collaborative, and the way our songs take shape tends too vary depending on the song. Sometimes we start with a cool guitar lick and build the arrangement/music first, or sometimes we have a catchy lyrical hook and melody, and we write the song from there. It usually starts with an idea from one band member and we always bring it together and finish the song as a team. 

What’s a piece of advice you’d want other young female musicians pursuing a career in the music industry to know?

Pursuing music as young female musicians is definitely hard—we’ve noticed a difference in the way people perceive us compared to other bands. Throughout your career and your life in general, people are going to try bringing you down, but you need to shut out the negativity and focus on your dream. Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people, there is a whole community of talented female musicians out there, so connect with them and support each other.

For new fans, what one word would each of you pick to describe your music?

Faith: Cinematic.
Carthi: Dark-pop.
Shelby: Empowering.
Colby: Relatable.

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