Premiere: “Cerulean Eyes” – The Maya Spectra

Phoenix-based band The Maya Spectra dropped their new single “Cerulean Eyes”, and we’ve got all the details on how the song came to be. Listen to the track, and read our interview below.

Tell us about how you decided to start your project, The Maya Spectra.

We met in college and honestly didn’t really know each other well when we started playing music together. We just wanted to gig around town and make a little dough on the side while finishing up our studies. But the more we got to talking about our music goals and aspirations, the more we realized how similar our visions were. The sentiment was why try to fit ourselves into one genre when we can play with them all? So we went from playing jazz standards in restaurants to stumbling our way through Ableton live and throwing everything we loved into one sound: The Maya Spectra.

What triggered the inspiration to write “Cerulean Eyes”?

To put it delicately, Janel got dumped in the middle of writing a song about her boyfriend. Now it’s very important (petty) to mention that the boy came running back, but in the end, she let the blue-eyed lad go and kept the song.

What’s the number one thing you want new fans to know about you and your music?

This is truly a passion project. The whole idea of being an omni-genre band is to give ourselves the opportunity to make music for as long as we want to and in whichever way we choose to. It comes from a place of genuine love and no matter how idealistic it may sound, it will always be the driving force in our creative endeavors.  

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