Essentials – “Showoff (Featuring Dylan Matthew)” – Rad Cat

Producer Rad Cat just released his debut Beartrap Sound record, “Showoff.” This track, featuring vocals from Dylan Matthew, is sure to work its way into your rotation right away. On “Showoff” the production and the vocals share the spotlight in almost perfect sync.

The track puts words and emotion to the obsession of showing off online and wondering if you can match that person you want to impress. “Showoff” effortlessly namedrops brands like Balenciaga and Dolce & Gabbana, which adds to the materialistic focus of the track. “Everything’s a flex/Girl you’re showin’ off.” “Showoff” balances some of Rad Cat’s best songwriting with impeccable production. This combination leads to an infectious groove that lends itself to many repeat listens. After hearing this track, we definitely look forward to more from him in the very near future!

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