Essentials: “11 Minutes (Feat. Halsey and Travis Barker)” – Yungblud

English rocker Yungblud, fresh off of his first full-length album last year, brought along all-star guests Halsey (who is rumored to be dating Yungblud) and Travis Barker (of Blink-182 fame) for his new single. On “11 Minutes,” all three of the artists share the heavy lifting.

The song opens with a simple guitar, but then quickly is overtaken by Halsey’s vocals, and then joined by Barker’s drums. The two vocalists give that aching of feeling of being so close, yet so far apart in a relationship. It also reveals the sadness of looking back at what could have been, and what they actually had. A person can be both the best and the worst that we have ever had. Despite being just 11 minutes away, they might as well be separated by thousands of miles. As the track ends with Halsey’s echoing voice questioning “Why aren’t you here” on repeat, that despair rings true.

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