Kenny Beats and Zack Fox “Square Up” In New Video

Superproducer Kenny Beats and comedian-slash-rapper Zack Fox finally dropped their video for “Square Up”, and it is exactly as wild as you might expect if you follow Zack Fox on Twitter.

people sayin this is late but what better way to enjoy black history month than watching me beat up white men— Zachary Fox (@zackfox) February 14, 2019

Things that happen in this video:

Zack Fox decking a bunch of white guys
Kenny Beats aggressively eating bread
Grandma kissing
Dancing with a dude in a gorilla costume
Hot Cheeto munching
A brawl that rivals the hallway fights in Netflix’s Daredevil

You have to check it out, trust me. Watch the video for “Square Up” above, and follow Zack Fox and Kenny Beats on Twitter.

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