EP Review: Emotional Sauna – St. Humain

Sometimes you have to travel for a great sound. But perhaps that is the beauty of music as a discipline in our modern world: that no matter where you live or where you come from, you can find a sound that resonates with wherever you are in life. 

Emotional Sauna takes listeners to the Pacific to hear the dulcet sounds and skillful storytelling of Singapore-born, Sydney-based artist St. Humain. The seven track EP is a carefully laced cacophony of sound that encaptures the feelings expressed in the lyrics.  While each track is distinctively its own, they follow seamlessly from track to track, which is a key mark of thought and care in crafting the art. 

Standout tracks include “Make a Move” and “The Thought of You”, but the crown has to be “Gravity”, which is a masterful re-envisioning of John Mayer’s classic song. St. Humain reworks the track to give an energy and punch that lift it to a whole new level. It’s only about 30 seconds in that we hear the lyrics we know so well. The lyrics and their melodic arrangement are really the only thing that remain in tact from the original. In their wake is a lively mix of sound, full of light. For a song that’s been covered so often, “Gravity” has never sounded like this. 

“Make a Move” is brand new to fans. Filled with pop and dance beats, this track can bring a smile to your face even when you’ve had a tough day. Authentic lyrics and smooth, free-flowing synth mold this piece. But watch for the stripped down version at the end of the EP. With just a voice and a piano, “Make a Move” still strikes a cord—its encouraging lyrics a message of hope for the times when we feel unsure. 

Overall, the EP is cohesive and a good listen. Emotional Sauna covers a range of emotional states and makes great strides in creating a truly special sound, worth the visit. St. Humain tells us that, “the goal of my music is to make your life better.” Well, my life feels better after listening to this EP and I think yours will too.  

Emotional Sauna is available to stream on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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