Cage the Elephant Announces Tour and New Single “Ready To Let Go”

After teasing the completion of their new album, Cage the Elephant announced that Social Cues is slated for release on April 19. The band has another surprise for fans: this summer, they’ll be hitting the road in a co-headlining North American tour with Beck. Spoon will support the duo.

Serving as an initial taste of the forthcoming project, their new single “Ready To Let Go” is accompanied by a music video embedded with symbolism, similar to “Cold Cold Cold“.

Visually, the color red juxtaposes the Roman ambiance inspired by Pompeii and the black & white scenes showcasing the band members. In this case, red may represent the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius that buried Pompeii underneath pumice and ash. However, red may also connect to the deaths that occurred due to this event. As the visuals reference his trip to Pompeii with his now ex-wife, frontman Matt Schultz is embracing the “death” of his marriage.

Channeling acts like The Black Keys, garage rock elements such as a catchy chorus, grainy mastering, an emphasis on drums, and bluesy vocals are prominent in “Ready to Let Go.” At first glance, the upbeat production may distract listeners from unpacking the emotional journey of Matt’s divorce. However, the stark contrast between lyrical content and instrumentation provides an in-depth look at the band’s songwriting ability.

Check to see if Cage The Elephant will be hitting your city this summer, and pre-save their upcoming album on Spotify.

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