Essentials: “facts up” – sobhhï

Singer-songwriter sobhhï is set to release his 3rd EP, Black I, later this month. His first single, “facts up,” is available now, and is familiar in style to R&B fans while offering something new. The primal, slow beat paired with his sultry voice makes for the perfect combination on this track. But what really makes it stand out is the choice to combine English and Arabic lyrics in a near seamless manner. The change in language is noticeable, but it definitely works together. sobhhï, who was born in Dubai, does a tremendous job of making the two languages work together even within the same line of lyrics.

The production on “facts up” is relatively simple, which only allows his voice to shine through even more strongly. The lyrics themselves, besides the language combinations, are straightforward—and downright dirty too. “Cause you know I’d bend and break it/If you let me get you naked/Holding up your splits with my wrists.” But the combination of sobhhï’s soft cadence and the explicit subject matter make for a perfect slow jam that leaves us all wanting more.

Listen to “facts up” here and stay up-to-date with sobhhï on Twitter.

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