Essentials: “Play It Cool (feat. Sarah De Warren)” – ALIGN

It’s a soft effervescent sound that opens ALIGN’s “Play It Cool”, featuring Sarah De Warren. The charming vocals, chime-like synth and present yet laidback rhythm make this an easy listen. In short, the track makes good on the title and plays it cool. But this is not at the expense of energy. Quite the contrary, the steady beat quickly envelops the listener. 

The line between hard and soft, simple and rhythmically complex is inherently difficult to tread. Yet this is something the track sets out to do very deliberately. Closer examination of the lyrics show that this is a song about a romantic encounter, where with tensions high and minds racing, it may be safest to keep it cool. It’s this balancing act we all experience that allows the track to tap into something universally human. 

While “Play It Cool” may be a track that brings us back to a specific experience, it shares it a certain encompassing spirit that is recognizable in ALIGN’s work. Indeed, his style is one that brings you in, creating its own musical space. 

ALIGN, or James Fisher as he is also known, is originally from Chicago and came onto to the music scene with the track, “All in Our Eyes,” a collaboration with Mielo. He has also appeared with Vanic, Thomas Jack and Loud Luxury. He is currently working a debut EP Intertwine, which is set for release this year. 

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