Essentials: “I’m Alright (featuring R.LUM.R)” – Brasstracks

As Brasstracks sets to headline their “Vibrant” North American tour in the next month, they have also released a new single! “I’m Alright” (featuring R.LUM.R) melds the style of both contributors expertly. The horns that gently open the track have a classic jazz feel, a nod to Brasstracks’ school of music training. However, the pace increases quickly to take advantage of the range of R.LUM.R as an R&B vocalist.

The lyrics tell a story that we have all heard (and experienced). I mean, who hasn’t felt like second place in someone’s heart? But matching the tone of the music behind it, this is about moving past that pain. “I’m sorry/I’m not really trying to do all that/I’m alright”. This screams the importance of self-worth as we attempt to move through the minefield of relationships. “I’m Alright” runs the gamut from disappointment at these endings all the way to moving on with our lives. And nothing feels better than actually being alright, and we can feel that in every celebratory utterance of “I’m Alright.”

Give it a listen here and check out their tour schedule!

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