Essentials: “Unfair (Full Version)/Been A While” – 6LACK

After a successful sophomore effort, 6LACK ended 2018 on a high note with two singles that emphasize his signature sound. His fusion between hip hop and alternative R&B showcases his versatility that is unmatched by similar artists striving to find their niche. As an extended version of his initial track on East Atlanta Love Letter, “Unfair (Full Version)” presents an unheard verse that delves deeper into 6LACK’s past relationship that went awry. The beat drop complements his remorse of focusing on his career over his love life. Although he met someone new, his love interest reminds him of his prior relationship. The song ends with a chopped and screwed outro that reflects on the tradeoff between recording music in the studio and spending time in his own home. The beat switch may indicate an introduction of another song in the future as well.

As for the second track, 6LACK packs unapologetic emotions in a span of three minutes. Based on an overarching concept, “Been A While” dissects how people are treated before and after their ascension in status. Although the “come up” story is a common theme in a plethora of songs, 6LACK’s songwriting ability may capture the listener’s attention. The floating ambiance created by the instrumentation befits the struggle between acceptance for who you are and success becoming the driving force for acceptance. In this case, 6LACK explains in confidence that he is better than his crush’s love interest based on his music career. He also states that he is better off without her because she only noticed him after his career took off.

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