Essentials: “Coagulation” – Bentley Dean

It’s a slow, tantalizingly eerie start to Bentley Dean’s “Coagulation”. The single launched itself into the world on January 4th as a part of mau5trap’s We Are Friends Vol. 8 and since then, it’s stolen its way into my brain. A single that is relatable, intense, and mysterious, “Coagulation” is pure, undisturbed synth.  

“Coagulation” sets a steady build-up to a burst of rich, twisting sounds. The pacing, repetitive beats resemble a metallic sound that consume the majority of the four minute track. At about two minutes in, the track moves to a bridge, lower and softer, mimicking the build up at the beginning. What this creates is a highly satisfying arch and weave within the song. 

Bentley Dean’s sound is the marriage of two distinct styles and cities. British by birth and Chicagoan by residence, he seamlessly blends together the distinctive qualities of each: the rich London bass musicality and the beat-driven Chicago house sound. What emerges is a tone so new and fresh, its birth commands your attention. 

Dean is a producer at heart. His remix of BlackGummy’s “KT” launched him into the electronic scene when it was ran on mau5trap’s We Are Friends Vol. 7. Locally, he’s participated in the North Coast Music Festival and the Spring Awakening Music Festival

Perhaps it is early—Dean only has a handful of releases out—but if this is any indication of what he’s capable of, I’m excited to see where he’s headed. After all, a coagulation is just another word for clotting, or more specifically, when blood changes state. This sound Dean has created is most assuredly a change of state. 

“Coagulation” is out now, so be sure to check it out! 

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