Essentials: “Goku” – Jaden Smith

After dropping a remix EP and The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story this year, Jaden Smith is back with an ode that channels the main protagonist of Dragon Ball Z in music video form. As a self-directed effort, “GOKU” was filmed in Tokyo’s Akihabara District—a shopping district in Japan popularized for anime and manga. Visually, Jaden’s creative vision comes to life with special effects during the buildup and drop. Jaden hones in his inner Goku with yellow light emanating from his body, his eyes turning blue, and doing his best “kamehameha wave” impression. As for the track’s production, OmArr and Lexoskeleton provided a perfect landing spot for Jaden’s aggressive delivery. Although he is well-suited for ambient instrumentation, Jaden expands his repertoire with this dub-infused trap track.

In retrospect, the fusion between these subgenres has infiltrated the EDM scene upon numerous occasions. However, a newfound appreciation to such genre is elicited from Jaden’s alternative hip hop style. Specifically, the drop contains dubstep synths layered on 808 drums to create a bass-driven ambiance. Jaden’s bravado to match this section’s energy reinforces the song’s concept that he feels like he’s “Goku.” Although the track lacks in lyrical content, the uplifting vibe makes it a must-add to any video game or movie soundtrack during a battle sequence.

Be sure to check out “GOKU” on Spotify and check out the music video below:

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