Essentials: “DOIDOIT” – Spazz Cardigan

You know that kind of happy poppin’ sound that’s both smart and thoughtful? That was what I needed today, and Spazz Cardigan delivered with new single, “DOIDOIT.”  

Upbeat and full of joy, this is a solid track to lift your mood on the most frustrating of days. But underneath those jiving beats is profound insight in these powerful lyrics: “Did I do it because my mom does it? Is it something I can crush? Is it really who I am? Is it even in the program? I just want to be enough.” Spazz Cardigan is able, both musically and as a lyricist, to tap into something universally human—the very notion of creating our own meaningful journeys, a life that we indeed have ownership of, as well as burden we place on ourselves to be productive. 

When you learn Spazz Cardigan’s personal journey, it’s obvious why this is a theme close to his heart. A musician from an early age, he chose to forgo college without any way of affording it, and instead move to Nashville just two days after graduating from high school to pursue music. For the greater part of two years, he moved from couch to couch while focusing on creative works before self-releasing his material. Since then, four of his singles have debuted on Spotify’s New Music Friday. 

In his own words, Spazz explains “DOIDOIT” explores the notion of “why I am the way I am.” With influences from David Bowie to Sun Ra, Spazz’s style carries a fundamental urban charm and layered texture that is accessible to all kinds of listeners. Couple that with his reflective insights and vulnerability, this one is one to watch. 

After all, we all just want to be enough

Listen to “DOIDOIT” below, and follow Spazz Cardigan on Twitter

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