Essentials: “The Middle (Luca Lush Remix)” – Jimmy Eat World

Hey—remember where you were in 2001? Chances are between classes, you were rocking out to some 90s grunge, including Jimmy Eat World’s classic anthem “The Middle.” You know it: that strong steady drum beat, the emo lyrics reminding you that everything “will be just fine/everything, everything will be all right,” and that bizarre music video where people make out in the fridge.

Well, it’s 2018 and “The Middle” has been reimagined by artist Luca Lush. Starting out as a self-taught drummer, Luca Lush has become a bold face in the world of electronic music. Arguably, he’s taken on one of the hardest challenges in music with this track: transfiguring a classic to make it modern and relevant for a new generation.

Within seconds, the classic cord structure we associate with “The Middle” is evident, and this level of integrity and respect for the classic song runs throughout the entire track. At about five seconds in, little atmospheric overtones are introduced like raindrops before a storm. By the time, the 30 second mark hits and the chorus enters, it’s clear we’re in for a new sound: one that is ethereal, hopeful, and energetic.

This remix is Luca Lush’s third attempt at creating the perfect remastering of the 00s classic, which he first heard in middle school. It can be very tempting, as an artist, to simply put out your first take on a work—partly because of pride and partly because editing is nothing short of killing your children. But Luca Lush’s restraint and patience shows a great maturity, which has certainly paid off this rendition of “The Middle.”

Give this updated version of “The Middle” a listen over on SoundCloud! Luca Lush is also on tour this winter so check out the schedule to see if there’s a stop near you. And remember, folks, “don’t write yourself off yet.”

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