Essentials: Wasteland EP – Keerd

Wasteland EP, Keerd’s debut release on L.A imprint Noise Revolt, offers a mature and defined breakbeat sound from an up-and-coming artist. Luring the listener in with a cascade of atmospheric soundscapes, the EP finds its true strength in the dark breaks that puncture its post-apocalyptic world.

The three tracks presented on the EP are expansive in their form. The opener, “Tundra,” finds the listener riding a wave of synths, as Keerd leads us into his new dimension. When the smoke clears, we are treated to an injection of dancefloor-ready breaks that build the stamina of the record from the off. The subsequent “Resonance Cascade” takes us on a dark night walk through the city, casting tall shadows over the streets, stray cats run from the darkness bringing with them a cacophony of percussion that fill the void of the night’s silence. The closing shot, “Traces of Decay,” cements the record as a quality break-beat release with its swirling intro falling away to commanding basslines. In this track we see the sincerity of Keerd’s attitude to production.

Introducing the record, Keerd said: “This EP introduces a darker side of my production and represents a style of electronic music that I feel is often overlooked. Partially inspired by one of my favorite video games, the concept for Wasteland was to place the listener in a post-apocalyptic world filled with barren wastelands, desert storms, and deteriorated cityscapes.”

With a position within the Noise Revolt collective, Keerd’s musical development is in good hands. While his attention to the subtleties of production illustrate a real talent in the making. Alongside artists such as Skee Mask, Halogenix, and Djrum, Keerd is yet another example of the depth and breadth of the breakbeat and bass scene. An exciting talent, Keerd will be one to watch in 2019.

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