Essentials: “Japanese Hotel” – Blasko

When I was in Japan, I somehow managed to skip Tokyo, instead exploring the less touristy island of Kyushu. Visiting Toyko properly has been on my list for some time, and when I listen to Blasko’s single “Japanese Hotel,” it’s like I made it there. This song effortlessly combines the silky, dulcet wafting through a tea shop with the hip, electric sound that floods these modern streets of food, music, and art.

Inspired by a dream (one of the few the artist remembers), “Japanese Hotel” easily entrances any indie pop listener with its soothing opening and rhythmic beats. The pre-chorus asks “Where am I? It’s so hard to tell,” and what’s great about the track is that it is both familiar in sound, but also something restyled and fresh.

“Japanese Hotel” is the first single off Melborne-based artist Blasko’s 2019 EP, Blasko in Love Pt. 2. If this track is any indication, Pt. 2 is bound to be even stronger than Pt. 1, which during its 2017 release had reached over a million streams for the single “Another Love.” Since then, he’s toured in Europe and worked with Billy David and The Good Lords. If “Japanese Hotel” is any indication, those experiences have only improved and enriched Blasko’s art.

You can stream “Japanese Hotel” on SoundCloud now. The album, Blasko in Love, is set for an early 2019 release—watch this space!

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