Essentials: “Meteor” – Mystery School

“Meteor” by Mystery School (Tony Reed Jr. and Owen Bones) is a synth-ridden ode to the inevitability of change. Transporting the listener on a sonic journey, the track blends swirling basslines with smooth vocals to deliver a message of radical positivity. The second single from Mystery School, after October release “Holographic”, is a polished affair with production assistance by Nick Monson of Lady Gaga fame. The tracks message is one of cultural disruption, urging the listener to ask what’s going on in this chaotic world. Talking about their latest release, the duo says: “When things get bad, you may wish for change to come crashing down, laying waste to your old life. Sometimes, you just want to start over.” For lovers of indie pop with strong lyrics, Mystery School is the one for you.

You can find out more about Mystery School here.

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