An Interview With: dream beach

With the release of Lost Angel available digitally and on cassette, I was excited to catch up with Andrew Oliver, the face of dream beach. With a catchy harmonic style and thoughtful lyrics, I was thrilled to dive in and learn more about his music, influence and process.

Can you describe your creative process and how it’s changed over time?

I just make music in my bedroom most the time, it’s really just about finding a comfortable part of the day that I know will be undisturbed. Also depends on if I’m making music alone or with friends. Typically collaboration is entirely different than sole producing.

Do you approach your remixes differently than original tracks? And if yes, how so?

Well, original tracks are all about capturing some kind’ve mood or moment that I’d like to immortalize, I suppose. Making a remix is like trying to bring your energy within reason to vision that’s already there and trying to give a new take on the track.

How has being based in Detroit influenced your style? Do you take reference from local culture or music?

Detroit has effected me more than I could ever explain. Going to Movement festival has given me such a real experience of where this electronic bubble came from. A lot of people don’t know the history behind electronic music pre-2010. But the festival in Detroit’s been there since I was born. So I’m grateful to see beyond the modern acceptation of electronics in mainstream.

What was it like collaborating with VLPXX on “Our Last Dance”?

Wonderful! We go back to older music ventures, so it was really wonderful transcending the old days and make music as our solidified adult selves. We both have our own path but it was cool for them to converge. I would love to do it again!

“Our Last Dance” sounds both upbeat and yet relaxing and introspective. How do you approach balance as a component in your music?

Couldn’t really tell you how I get there. It’s really something I don’t do intentionally. In fact when I’m creating with friends I’m like, “WHY DOES EVERYTHING I MAKE SOUND SO SAD AND EMO.” But most times I’m like, yes, this is me—good. I think it’s a love for film music and deep emotional chords that make you choke up. It’s always my favorite part of movies, when a soundtrack can make you cry.

Is there a song on the EP Lost Angel that carried personal significance?

All of them do. It is quite the personal project. A lot of them about a recent heartbreak, which is kind of self explanatory with “Lost Angel” the title track. It’s more so a feeling of being free from that moment for the first time. Being lost in a new city full of new hope and dreams. Just feeling safe while simultaneously falling through space and time. Being okay with whatever happens.

Lost Angel as the title of the EP suggests a kind of honesty about stumbling and making mistakes. Is that a theme you wanted to explore in the album?

Well I think it’s more so about leaving the normality and comfort zone of life. Finding yourself longing for connection with people like yourself. Wanting to disappear is one thing but actually disappearing is liberating. I left behind a lot that I felt was holding me back, and I think I try and apply that thought process to a lot now.

What advice do you have for aspiring musicians looking to break into the industry?

Explore a sound that comes naturally to you. Elements that in any mood you could express something in your heart. You want to put yourself in a position where you are a fountain and happy or sad or depressed or pushed to the edge, the music is there for you. I depend on music a lot and it’s left me a lot of tunes to build projects around and to express myself freely. I think that’s the goal, everything else is a side effect of that.

Your EP Lost Angel is available both digitally and on cassette tape. Why did you choose to release onto the cassette format?

I feel that these pieces are more personal that anything else. I wanted to give myself room to grow into vinyl, although I hope one day to have some Lost Angel on wax; I wanted this to be something I come back to and blow the dust of and remember wow, this is my first body of work.

Lost Angel is out now so be sure to get your copy digitally or on cassette!

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