Essentials: “Stay With You (feat. Cooper Phillip)” – Oscar Del Amor

As the sizzling summer season comes to a close, upcoming beach days and BBQs will go out with a bang with Oscar Del Amor‘s latest moombahton track. Embedded with oceanic sounds such as seagulls and water, “Stay With You” may very well be a staple in your personal rotation to remember summer days spent at the glistening shore. The song primarily showcases Los Angeles based songstress Cooper Phillip and her ability to complement the tropical-infused production. Her airy vocals adds to the summery ambiance created by subdued synths that are underneath the instrumentation.  As the piano builds to the drop, the rhythmic chorus is brought to life with infectious energy from the bass-driven drop. The video ties in beach vibes and a summer romance to provide the listener with a vivid visualization of the track. Be sure to check out Oscar Del Amor on Soundcloud and the music video for “Stay With You” below:

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