Idris Elba Gets Funky In Elrow London DJ Set

Livestreamed from Elrow London this weekend, distinguished actor/Royal Wedding DJ/worst boss from The Office Idris Elba threw down a deep set of chunky house, high-energy remixes, and a dash of the Bond theme to tease the crowd as rumors swirl that he’ll be the next 007. I prefer to imagine that this set is actually part of the next Thor movie, Heimdall Goes To Ibiza, in which Heimdall opens the bifrost and dumps Thor, Loki, and himself in the middle of the island. Loki tricks Thor into rolling for the first time through a special addition to some orange juice and hijinks ensue. Meanwhile, Heimdall’s just throwing down on the decks and maybe even does a dark techno B2B with Hela. @ Taika Waititi please make this happen.

Watch the set below.

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