Essentials: “Carousel” – Skylar Spence

It’s grey and rainy outside, I just ordered myself coffee via Postmates, and I absolutely did not want to drag my ass out of bed today. But then I heard Skylar Spence‘s long-awaited musical return—the funk-infused “Carousel”—and it was like the clouds cleared up to give me sunshine. The sheen of glossy synths and 70s horns give “Carousel” a lovely lived-in feel, while still feeling wholly futuristic at the same time. It’s sweet and wholesome and a damn good song. I feel a new sense of connection in Skylar Spence’s music—it still has the bright touches of disco throughout the production, but it’s also more musically genuine than anything I’ve heard in a long time, from anyone. I really love this song, and I think you will too.

Listen to “Carousel” above, and watch out for Skylar Spence‘s two-track release, out on Carpark Records on September 5th.

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