Essentials: “My Friend” – Jenaux

If you need an upbeat, feel-good beat to get you through your day, look no further than Jenaux’s “My Friend”. Somewhere between soul, synth and street funk, this song has the power to completely reinvigorate your mood.

Known as a remixer, Jenaux’s skill in this single is more that of an editor, aware not only when to add in sound, but also when to leave it be. Danceable and fun, “My Friend” also carries a strong message about friendship. It’s Jenaux’s editing that leaves this powerful vocal message that “whenever I’m down, I call on you” clear while also ensuring the beat and rhythm of the track is perfect for both the club and the car.

Based in New York, Jenaux has worked with a range of artists from the Chainsmokers to Cher Lloyd to Gramatik. His independent record “Get It On” made it on to the Spotify charts and if this single is any indication where he’s going musically, I’m excited to see what’s on the horizon for this up and coming artist.

“My Friend” is now available for streaming. Check it out and follow Jenaux on Spotify.

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