Essentials: “Let Me Live” – FATHERDUDE

After a bit of a hiatus, NYC vocalist FATHERDUDE has returned and is ready to make his mark in his soulful tune, “Let Me Live”. FATHERDUDE’s silky harmonies and swaggering edge play up the slinky bass guitars that roll right into thundering percussion. “Let Me Live” is a foray into blues-inspired territory, a change from FATHERDUDE’s previous exploration in the electronic music space. Co-produced by frequent collaborators Brasstracks, “Let Me Live” is equal parts sultry and gritty, and leaves me wanting more from FATHERDUDE. If you feel the same, you’re in luck—stay tuned for more music coming soon.


“Let Me Live” is out now on Deathrocket Records. Follow FATHERDUDE on Spotify to hear more new music when it releases.

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