Essentials: “Beyond the Veil” – Ganesha Cartel

Ganesha Cartel leads us into an eight minute ethereal trip with a driving tribal beat, followed by addictive percussion that steadily builds as a muted synth in the background sneaks into the track.

About “Beyond the Veil”, Ganesha Cartel says “I didn’t realize at the time I was producing it, but it has had a profound effect on my heart, mind, body, and soul, even months later. It was first inspired by traveling the world and realizing there is so much more to see then the little worlds and bubbles we create for ourselves in our own cities and town. The possibilities are infinite and we are only tapping into limited senses when we get caught up with the hustle and bustle of one-dimensional thinking and the fight-flight response. ”Beyond the Veil” is about opening our hearts up to love and the light and doing what it takes to Return to Love.” This sentiment is emphasised with the repetitive vocals throughout the track, skillfully placed over melodic house, which transitions into a hypnotic lull.

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