Music pushes me to constantly redefine my tastes so when the Swiss band GODAMN’s new EP, POST TENEBRAS, HOUSE VOL. II came across my desk, I thought I would give it a try. The EP comprises two tracks, “THEY JUST” and “DIFFERENT LEVEL.” Although just a taste of our their potential, POST TENEBRAS establishes a clear voice for these new artists.

“THEY JUST” commands attention with a strong dance beat throughout. Voice interjections mix it up every once in a while, but overall this will certainly stand up to a heavy night in the club. But the cyclical nature of these repeated sounds are best staying exactly there—on the dance floor—rather than as an overture to study, which I often find with the synth I typically pick up.

Starting out similarly strong, “DIFFERENT LEVEL” maintains the energy of the first track. Skillful mixing and voice manipulation push forward the song’s premise of originality. Again, this is a perfect song for a night out, centered by a steady beat, and creative cuts in sound and voice.

While POST TENEBRAS may not be exactly my style, it remains a strong contender for nights out. So if you can jive to a good dance beat, modern mixes, and a groove that’ll last the whole night long, GODAMN’s new EP might be worth picking up.

POST TENEBRAS, HOUSE VOL. II is available via Tchami’s CONFESSION label. Stream it on Spotify now.

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