Essentials: “Moving On (feat. Kaitlin Keegan)” – Mwansa

If you wanted a dash of summer vibes in the middle of July, then look no further than Mwansa‘s latest effort, “Moving On”. Based in Australia, the upcoming singer/producer is aptly back with a tropical house track oozing with Carribean-influenced instrumentation. Reminscient of dancehall, the rhythmic guitar riff provides a foundation for deep house percussion laced throughout the track. Elements of steel pan are also infused in the song’s verses with a faint hi-hat pattern.  As the song wavers on, the drop features an airy electronic synth that mimics the steel pan sound embedded in the verses. Lyrically, Mwansa and Perth-based songstress Kaitlin Keegan trade their retrospective on a long distance relationship that didn’t work out.

Mwansa explains that “Moving On” is a song “that has traveled from Canada, Mexico, South Korea, France and Taiwan to finally get made. I don’t know if its about two people who couldn’t make it work, or didn’t want to enough. It features an incredible new singer from around the way,  Kaitlin Keegan.

The vocals have smooth textures that perfectly complement the stripped-down production to create a summery ambiance. Be sure to check out Mwansa on Soundcloud and his latest track below:




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