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Pride 2018 Playlists: Bella Muerte’s Dancing Through Fire

Concluding our Pride 2018 Playlists series, drag queen Bella Muerte crafts a party playlist that closes Pride Month with a bang.

Pride has its roots as a protest. A riot against the political system that oppressed us as queer people and forced us into silence. However, we need not be serious all the time. Anger is exhausting. It is necessary to celebrate ourselves, to get lost in the delirium of self-love, to dance and enjoy life. Party with your friends and chosen family. Remind each other that you love each other. Without happiness, for what are we fighting?

The world fucking sucks. It’s burning around us. Let’s go dancing.

Lizzo is one of the most beautiful voices on the Minneapolis scene right now and a true maestro of the city’s sound. Listen to her sing, try not to smile and feel the fantasy. Self-love at its purest.

Though Lady Gaga invented being gay, it is undeniable that Carly Rae Jepsen perfected it. We joke about her being the true queen of gays, but her saccharine voice creates some of the best pop out there right now. “Run Away With Me” is a masterpiece that never fails to make the gays scream.

Allie X makes some strange pop. Dark, mysterious, infectious.

f(x)’s Amber is an outspoken ally, an incredibly huge move in a conservative Korea. Further, she is Taiwanese-American in an industry that gives preference to those who are Korean first and foremost. She never wears skirts or dresses, pushing the boundaries of gender expectations. “4 Walls” is a bop, simply put.

Sateen are a club kid duo based out of New York. Lesbians, with one a trans woman, they create spectacular looks and some lovely, spacey disco. “Give a Look” lets you feel yourself and strut like the model you are. Work that catwalk!

“Venus Fly” is a banger of a vogue track. Dance.

St Vincent’s sound is experimental and ever-changing. “Fast Slow Disco” has become my song of the summer, a wonderland in which one gets lost. It’s honest. I love going out, but who doesn’t want to leave immediately upon arriving? I’ll dance anyway, though.

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