Essentials: “Womp Womp (DAWG Remix)” – Valee and Jeremih

Comparative to Herobust‘s infusion of festival-ready and trap production, DAWG utilizes his prowess in “junkyard bass” to enhance tracks by adding a bass-heavy twist onto the song’s skeleton. As exemplified in his latest remix, “Womp Womp” takes on a new soundscape infiltrated with sirens, a dog barking, and snappy percussion.  As the song wavers on, the build bursts into a thundering bass that resembles DAWG’s signature sound. When the beat drops, scattering synths are interwoven on and off beat to create dissonance. At the beginning of every measure, punchier sub-bass synths are also highlighted to capture the listener’s attention. The middle section features a percussion-driven version of the beginning while adding an ominous organ synth. The song rounds out by entering the previous drop and revisits the organ synth at the end. Be sure to check out DAWG on Soundcloud and grab the free download after listening to his latest remix below:


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