Essentials: Time Fi Legalize 420 Remixes – WE CHIEF

Looking for some green-friendly tracks to keep that 420 celebration going? We Chief has released their annual set of remixes of their legalization anthem, “Time Fi Legalize.” This year features the talents of Mr. KristopherAlex OkaEneveReid Speed and Noah Issa. 

Starting off with the hard hitting Mr. Kristopher’s Cough Syrup Cure Remix, it has an upbeat tempo that seamlessly flows into the build ups. The range of tempo kept me interested in this energetic remix.


Next up is Alex Oka’s remix, which takes on a more instrumental approach to the track. The layers of percussion and subtle bass take you on an electronic high journey.


I have to admit, eneve’s remix KILLED it- the note I wrote down on first listening to this was “deep space house” and I think that’s kind of accurate. It is a definite stand out for me on this list because it has such a dance vibe that I’m absolutely loving. The reggae vibe is still present in the track, but it’s mixed with this futuristic sound; it’s definitely a track I would get down to in a club, in my room, anywhere.


Next up is Reid Speed and if you’re looking for something to sync your coughs and bong rips to, this is definitely for you. The steel drums and stand out synths add to the “Raggatronic” brand of We Chief music.


Noah Issa’s future dancehall remix starts out with a steady build up that dissipates into a smooth tempo that is nice and easy to listen to; it was a strong note to end the remix list on.

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