Essentials: Cast a Spell EP – JUICY

JUICY is the singer-composer duo made up of Julie Rens and Sasha Vovk, and together, they take their fiery contemporary vibe and wit to their debut EP, Cast A Spell.

While they’ve been making a splash in Europe, JUICY has taken the next step to bring their nostalgia infused blend of retro-futuristic R&B to the global stage. Representing the divine and diabolical through music and music videos, JUICY follows the releases of “Die Baby Die” and “Count Our Fingers Twice” with the EP’s release, as well as a fascinating video that second guesses the engrained notion of female beauty. The music video for “Mouldy Beauty” was produced by Gogolplex, and has the surprising playfulness of a Magic Eye visual. 

Cast A Spell was written and composed by JUICY themselves and questions our traditional ways of thinking through the familiar, putting wit and infectious into music that takes on its form as hip hop and R&B.

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