Premiere: “Climate Chaos (Feat. Michael Wilbur)” – Jackson Whalan

As Earth Day approaches, rapper Jackson Whalan unleashes a torrent of impactful, important lyrics in his electrifying single, “Climate Chaos,” featuring Michael Wilbur. Following the devastation caused by hurricanes that hit the United States and Puerto Rico (where 11% of the country still does not have electricity) last year, Whalan and Wilbur joined together to create “Climate Chaos” as an outlet to express their frustrations over the leaders of the United States government continuing to deny the existence of climate change.

The grinding synths add to the impassioned and intense aura of “Climate Chaos”—Whalan tells us, “the majority of the sounds on this track were created on the Moog Sub 37.” The track is a bass-heavy, high-energy head bobber, with a crucial message embedded into it—if we don’t start caring for our remaining natural resources, we are sure to experience continued natural disasters. As Whalan shouts in the chorus, “what will it take us to change?”

“Climate Chaos” is the first single off Whalan’s Millennial Sound. About the album, Whalan states that “these songs are about how it feels to come of age in unprecedented times. When I started defining the title, I kept asking: ‘what does my generation sound like? What can it sound like?’ Lyrically, I sought to unpack and and challenge the way that so-called “Millennials” are perceived. This quickly became a theme in my process. I wanted to reflect the anger, the playfulness, the confusion, the ambivalence, the cannabis culture, the politics, the activism, the environment… the realities we face together as young people.” The full album drops May 18th.

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