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Saint Audio Mixes #028: GAFACCI

Ghanaian artist GAFACCI whipped up a mix chock-full of Afrobeats and bass music for Saint Audio. Read our quick Q&A with the Mixpak-affiliated producer, and listen to his mix below.

Where do you find creative inspiration from?

Normally from live events. I see something I like or someone says something interesting. I go to the studio and make music with it. Also, inspiration comes from other artist’s works. I am a fan of music so inspiration comes from a lot of angles. Sometime it’s hard to even keep up.

What is the music scene like in Ghana?

It’s very vibrant with a lot of styles these days. It used to be monotonous. Now we have hip hop, Afrobeats, and some people are into rock. Alternative music is emerging lately and that’s a good thing. Also, the music scene used to be active in Accra then Tema took over—now there is a wild scene up north.

What’s the best artistic advice you’ve ever received?

It’s something my dad said to me: “Don’t be over critical of other people’s works because it can make you think or feel people will do the same to you.”

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