Holy Wine: Wine Pairings for Holy Wave’s Adult Fear

In partnership with the St Andrews Wine Company, Saint Audio selects one very special album per month to match with a curated selection of wine, beer, and gin. Miles Bolland has expertly paired a wine or beer for each song off of Holy Wave’s latest album, Adult Fear. All wines are available for purchase on the St Andrews Wine Company’s website.

I freely admit I may not have found out about this magnificent oddity (to me at least, and I mean it in the best of ways) without Miss Sharples. Once again she has provided me with something enjoyable and different (again, maybe just to me) while also something challenging to pair. Personally, I feel good music either makes something instantly pop to mind, or makes many things come to mind. In this case it was the latter and that’s what I enjoyed. – Miles Bolland

“Nation in Regress”: While this first song sounds like it belongs in a Wes Anderson film, it is oddly addictive. For me I’d say you should pair this up with Pogo, a passion fruit pale ale from Wild Beer Co. Light, fruity and particularly enjoyable, this pale ale seems to match up nicely to this song.

“How Was I Supposed to Know”: Another gentle and welcoming tune that kind of lures you in. For this I’d recommend a nice flannel shirt and a glass of Pineau des Charentes, I’m particularly partial to both. Pineau is made in Charente, Charente-Maritime and the Dordogne. It’s a fortified wine and reminds me of homemade apple crumble, which may well be due to the cinnamon notes in it. There’s a gentle sweetness to it as well, with some raisin notes and a bit of a nutty element as well.

“Habibi”: The name here made me think of one producer, and that is Domaine de Tourelles. Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t a French wine, though it is a French family. The wine is produced in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. Aromas reminiscent of Morello cherries come through wonderfully as you taste it. Add in a bit of cassis, some gentle tannins and a touch of spice on the finish and you have wonderful wine from an area of the world that may not leap to mind when you think of wine.

“Dixie Cups”: I admit I had to Google “Dixie Cups” and discovered it could either be a brand of disposable paper cup or a band from the 1960s. Given the lyrics I think it the former rather than the latter given that there were only three of them. I decided for this it had to be something that could be drunk out of a Dixie cup. The song itself seems a little trippy and a little complicated so here I’ll be going with something that is simple and easy to enjoy so you can focus on the music. That thing is Berliner Pilsner. A simple and pleasant Pilsner that I drink often. A slightly bitter note to it but it’s light and smooth. Grab one, jump onto a couch, listen and enjoy.

“David’s Flower”: While the song is relatively upbeat, it is also weirdly soothing. In my head I’m seeing a ribbon of tarmac snaking along a coastline and either a Stingray or a Firebird (both from the sixties, that’s important). With that in mind I’m going to recommend an Anchor California Lager. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s well made and tasty. Anyone can make a lager in the same way as anyone can cook a steak, but we all know the gulf that exists between those that can do it and those that do it well. This doesn’t strike me as a complicated song but it does strike me as being very well made. Also just to be clear here, don’t drink and drive.

“The Nurse’s Tale”: This is a little heavier and as such deserves to be paired with something a little heavier. I’ve gone with Stone Brewing Co’s IPA. Citrusy and hoppy, this refreshing beverage has a malty character as well. It’s relatively crisp and chock full of flavour without being overwhelming. I rate this beer as highly as I rate this song. Be warned though—it is 6.9% and very easy to drink.

“Crys”: Still not entirely sure whether this is pronounced crys or crys (and we both know you pronounced those words differently in your head). Given the singer keeps using the word “cry” though, I think it’s likely the latter. As may be obvious here, it’s a slightly more melancholic tune. I’m thinking rain hitting windows as you stare out at the night. I’d go with Mer Soleil Reserve Chardonnay. A simply luxuriously gorgeous Californian Chardonnay. Tropical fruits, stone fruits, a biscuity touch as well. In case you were wondering, I really like this wine.

“Adult Fear”: It sounds to me like some rather funky and frenetic chase music. A frantic dash to something or away from something, which seems rather apt given the song title. I knew the style of wine I wanted but had to think hard on which one to narrow it down to. So here we go, Primordial Soup White. A blend of Cape varieties, this medium bodied white is a fresh and zingy joy to drink.

Purchase wines and beers from St Andrews Wine Company, and get your copy of Adult Fear here.

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