Essentials: “Raised By Wolves” – DJ Existential Crisis

Paul Woolford debuts his new moniker DJ Existential Crisis with “Raised By Wolves,” an absolute belter of a tune. Raspy, soulful vocals punch through totally radical reverb-heavy synths and a bassline so heady that you want to put your face directly up to the largest speaker available and blast this song. There’s elements of “Raised By Wolves” that remind me of the lonely synth tones in the 80s Eurythmics hit, “Here Comes The Rain Again”, but Woolford shies away from languishing in nostalgia by layering a piano’s wistful, twisting, and distinctly modern chord progressions beneath all the other hefty details. It’s a song that’s a strong contender for best house track of the year, or at least best of the year thus far.

Listen to “Raised By Wolves” below, and grab the track on Bandcamp.

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