Essentials: “Bliss (feat. Ashley Leone)” – OTR

Similar to Grammy-nominated ODESZA‘s incorporation of acoustic instrumentation, OTR utilizes the same approach in production for his latest single “Bliss”. Originally from Atlanta, OTR is a Cincinnati-based producer that uses an appreciation of Japanese culture as his backdrop to influence his creativity. As exemplified by “Bliss”, tinges of electronic and indie sounds are blended masterfully in cohesive fashion. The track features subdued synths and wavering guitar riffs that are overlaid by a drumline rhythm. As a result, the track takes on an atmospheric soundscape that complements Ashley Leone‘s blissful vocals. When the beat is stripped down, her vocals become a strong point during the piano-driven pre-chorus. The track is tied together with a simple drop containing airy synths and revisits the same guitar riffs at the end of each verse. Be sure to check out OTR’s trailer for his upcoming EP and his latest effort below:


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