Essentials: “I DK U (feat. Yung Skrrt)” – Sonny Side Up

“I DK U” captures the spirit of the better tracks off Lil Wayne‘s unique 2010 album Rebirth, and modernizes that vibe for the Soundcloud era with ecstatic, rollicking percussion breaks. Produced by Sonny Side Up, “I DK U” bounces across your speakers with unbridled pep and spritely layers of distorted vocals to match the holistic percussion that pushes the whole thing forward. Yung Skrrt‘s autotuned vocals tie it all together in a sweet, neon-colored bow, for a delightful tune that’s equal parts indie electronic and “EVERYBODY FUCKIN’ JUMP” in its energy.

Download “I DK U” for free below, andcheck out Sonny Side Up on Soundcloud for more of his music.

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