Essentials: “Icon” – Jaden Smith

After years of independent releases and mixtapes, Roc Nation-signee Jaden Smith provides a glimpse into his creativity with his debut album SYRE. The prodigy is back with his latest single that is clearly influenced by Kanye West ‘s sample-infused production and braggadocious nature of his songs. “Icon” implements a catchy chorus that might turn heads due to Jaden’s confidence in his delivery.  The music video complementing the track shows Jaden wearing grills and chains with a Tesla vehicle in the background. The backdrop is a pink-tinted sky that represents a metaphor referring to the protagonist wanting the day to end. Since the day is stuck at a sunset in the protagonist’s world, he is in limbo while waiting for it to end. The visuals alone provides evidence that Jaden holds the hip hop culture in high regard while giving his unique spin on it.

Although the lyrics are not the song’s strong points, Jaden makes up for it in his flow and his ability to create a sonically pleasing track. “Icon” is a step in the right direction for Jaden’s progression and can only get better from here. Be sure to check Jaden on tour with Fall Out Boy and watch his latest music video below:


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