Wines For A New Earth: Saint Audio’s Teen Daze-Inspired Pairing List

November’s wine pairings are matched to Teen Daze’s ambient album, Themes For A New Earth, released on the artist’s own FLORA label. Read on for Miles Bolland’s selections!

“Shibuya Again”: A soft and relaxing piece that eases you into the album. With that said, finding something to match this introductory track is the goal. Papillon by Maison Williams Chase is what I’d choose. Fruity, soft and fresh this Viognier and Vermentino blend is something that would go wonderfully with this particular track.

“On The Edge Of A New Age”: The easy going nature continues with this laid back track. Azienda Agricola’s Friulano would pair nicely. On the nose it gives you almond, apricot, and pear aromas and with a delightfully subtle palate you can put your feet up and relax with this in the background. Ocean view optional but recommended.

“Kilika”: Continuing the dream-sequence-like songs is “Kilika”. Perhaps it’s just me but there seems to be an understated complexity to this one, so I’ve paired it with Rob Dolan’s True Colours Chardonnay. From the Yarra Valley, this Chardonnay comes with some bright tropical fruit and then subtle vanilla oak. Oh so smooth on the palate, this wine seems to match the music to a tee. If you could drink it while floating aimlessly across verdant fields and forests I’d also recommend that.

“River Walk”: Hearing this makes me think of the end of a day’s surfing as the sun is starting to set, and someone has gotten a fire going to help everyone warm up as they change out of their wetsuits. As such I’m going to break with tradition a bit and recommend Easy Livin’ Pils from Tempest Brew Company. A crisp and refreshing beer that is both flavourful and smooth. Grab six, grab some friends and grab a board.

“An Alpine Forest”: This is an achingly beautiful piece that in my mind seems almost melancholic. You expect it to be played as someone remembers better times, perhaps with a person or people they loved. Maybe they still do, who knows, I’ll leave that bit to you. Riesling from Bruno Sorg is what I feel fits here. Soft citrus aromas—lime in particular— and a bit of minerality to keep it all clean. A beautiful wine for a beautiful song.

“Wandering Through Kunsthal”: While subtle this one seems a bit more hopeful to me, only just, but a little more upbeat. Take some Staete Landt Viognier, the person you love, a sunset and a balcony with a beach view and some billowy (and annoying as you always seem to step on them) long, white curtains. The wine comes in with some gorgeous stone fruit, rose petals, grapefruit and just a touch of sweet mandarin.

“Station”: Yet another other worldly and beautiful song. To me it feels like a welcome return to normality. Then again what is normality? Only joking, I deal with wine. It is a gentler song and so grab a bottle of Domaine de la Rochette Fleur de Printemps Touraine Sauvignon Blanc. If you haven’t worked up a thirst just saying the name say it twice. Essentially it’s a calmer version of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Tropical fruit notes but not as in your face as it’s cousin from down under.

“Echoes”: If you don’t have images of sitting on a porch and staring out into the sunset or sunrise then listen to this song again. Perhaps it’s the sound of chimes or something similar that evokes some images. Ca dei Frati Lugana I Frati, gives you a nose full of peaches, lemons and white flowers and a complex and rich palate that brings it together in an oddly simple way. Much like watching a master chef, they make it seem so easy yet it’s obviously complex. If you don’t believe me just rent a porch (a sand dune will also work), grab a bottle and set the world to rights.

“Prophets”: Though it starts off quietly and slowly there seems to be hope again in this song. It would be easy to show with grander themes but to show it through such gentles tones is quite impressive, at least the musically untalented such as myself. As such I’m going to do something a little different here, and perhaps a little odd. For this grab whichever wine, beer or spirits you love, the type that always puts a smile on your face. The one that reminds you of good times with friends and excites you as to the good times you’ll have again. The type of thing you’ve always got a bottle of around the house, or that you buy whenever you see it just because you know you love it and you’ll use it. For me that’s Cicada, a Grenache and Carignan blend from Chante Cigale. A delightful medium bodied wine with a lovely bit of fruit and enough tannin to keep it all balanced. It’s the wine I drink after a hard day, it’s the wine I drink most often with friends, it’s the wine I drink when I just wanted to enjoy a glass of something nice without having to really think about it.


Purchase wine from the St Andrews Wine Company, and stream Themes For A New Earth here.

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