Essentials: Algorhythm & Blues EP – Beat Fatigue

Beat Fatigue is back with his latest EP, aptly titled Algorhythm & Blues. Skillfully blending elements of jazz, blues, and funk, the Amsterdam-based guitarist and producer serves up six addictive tracks in this latest release.

In classically funk tunes such as “Dragonfruit Funk,” “Belter Blues,” and “Algorhythm & Blues,” Beat Fatigue gives us pulsing beats, steady percussion, vocal chops, and infectious melodies complete with jazz influences. “Grande Stagioni,” on the other hand, gives off a more classic rock vibe with its electric guitar hook while maintaining the heavy beat that characterizes much of Beat Fatigue’s sound. “Don’t Mind It” and “Rocky Roads” delve into more bluesy territory with their guitar riffs, thumping percussion, and soulful vocals.

In just six tracks, Beat Fatigue successfully establishes his talent and his vision as a musician. The EP showcases not only his eclectic taste but more importantly his ability to transform it into a cohesive new sound. From start to finish, Algorhythm & Blues is an electrifying listening experience that will make you look forward to future releases from Beat Fatigue.

Listen to Algorhythm & Blues here:

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